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Girls Registration Timings
The registration timings for the Girls' Competition is as follows:





9:00 am

Naazira Category 1 (Juz 1 and 2)


10:00 am

Qiraat Category 1 ( Surah Al-Qadr, Al-Zilzaal to Surah An-Naas)

10:30 am

Naazira Category 2 ( Juz 3, 4, and 5)

1:30 pm

Qiraat Category 2 ( Surah Al-Burooj to Surah An-Naas)

3:00 pm

Hifz Category 1 (Juz 11-15)

6:00 pm

Qiraat Category  3 (Entire 30th Juz)

7:00 pm

Qiraat Category  4 (Entire 30th Juz, Surah Al-Mulk & Surah Ar-Rahman)

Girls Program
girls program 1

girls program 2
Final Competition Information

Preparations are being made as the Islamic Foundation of Toronto prepares to host the 10th Annual Hifz, Naazira, and Qira'atul-Qur'an Competition, the largest Qira'at Competition in North America, and the excitement is building!


Names of the finalists can be found by clicking on the "Girls Competition" and "Boys Competition" tabs. Registration timings as well as other pertinent information for participants will be posted soon insha-Allah.


Our tentative schedule for the Boys Final Competition is as follows:


Friday March 13, 2015.

- Qira'at Category 1 (Surah At-Teen, Al-Qadr & Zilzal to An-Naas)

- Qira'at Category 3 (Entire 30th Juz)


Saturday March 14, 2015

- Qira'at Category 2 (Surah Al-Infitar to Surah An-Naas)

- Hifz Category 2 (Juz 11-20)

- Hifz Category 1 (Juz 1-7)

- Hifz Category 3 (Entire Qur'an)*


Sunday March 15, 2015

- Naazira Category 1 (Juz 1 and 2)

- Naazira Category 2 (Juz 3, 4, and 5)

- Hifz Category 3 (Entire Qur'an)*


*The participants in Hifz Category 3 have been divided over the course of two days as follows:




Saturday March 14, 2015

Ahmad, Yaamin Mohammed

Bhaiyat, Huzaifa

Bhaiyat, Mohammed

China, Mohamed Sajid

Khurshid, Muhammad Daud

Elmi, Ahmad Mezhar

Fareed, Mohammed Bilal

Iftikhar, Syed Talha

Malik, Sohaib

Moolla, Fahim

Patel, Waleed

Syed, Sirajuddin

Sunday March 15, 2015

Arif, Mohammed

Bafadl, Ahmed

Bhaiyat, Mahmoodulhasan

Bhaiyat, Saad

Desai, Hamza

Elmi, Mohamed Mezhar

Hasan, Abdullah Syed

Kika, Abdullah

Mahida, Usama

Mazumder, Abedul Haque

Rehman, Adeen

Zubair, Zayd


Our esteemed guests include:

o Qari Mohammed Siddique

o   Qari Muhammad Ibrahim Kasi

o   Shaikh Hasan Ahmad Abunar

o Shaikh Imtiyaz Ismail Sidat


Events such as the Hifz, Naazira, and Qira'atul Qur'an Competition relies on the generosity of our sponsors and donors. We humbly request that you donate generously for this event.

We look forward to seeing you all! Please spread the word to friends and family to share in the barakah!

Jazakumallahu khairan

QQC Team



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