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Boys' Winners 2014

Congratulations to all the winners for this year’s competition! To those participants who did not win, do not be discouraged! Continue to practise and work hard and insha’Allah you will have a better result next year! Remember, in the Sight of Allah (SWT), everybody is a winner for being part of this competition!

Hifz Category 1 - Juz 1-7:

1st Place - Ahmad Chhapra
2nd Place - Aakif Saman
3rd Place - Omar Qureshi

Hifz Category 2 - Juz 11-20:

1st Place - Ahmed Bafadl
2nd Place - Abdullah Kika
3rd Place - Ahmed Elmi

Hifz Category 3 - Entire Qur'an:

1st Place - Wesam Hussain
2nd Place - Abedul Mazumder
3rd Place - Syed Talha Iftikhar

Qira'at Category 1:

1st Place - Ibrahim Islam
1st Place - Muhammad Boureois
2nd Place - Faheem Degmaster
3rd Place - Aleem Shaik
3rd Place - Jabirul Hoque 

Qira'at Category 2:

1st Place - Hamzah Hassan
2nd Place - Ajfarul Islam
3rd Place - Raamizuddin Syed

Qira'at Category 3:

1st Place - Taiyeb Ibnu Zubair
2nd Place - Ilyas Khan
3rd Place - Abdul-Hayee Ali
3rd Place - Rayyan Atif

Naazira Category 1:

1st Place - Aadil Syed
1st Place - Muneeb Hasan
2nd Place - Hamza Aleem Syed
2nd Place - Yoosuff Irshad
3rd Place - Umar Mohammed

Naazira Category 2:

1st Place - Affan Abdulkhader
2nd Place - Suhaib Hafizji
3rd Place - Zuhayr Adam

Dr. Dar Award: Wesam Hussain

Girls' Winners 2014

Hifz Category 1 - Juz 5-10:

1st Place - Sumaiya Omar
2nd Place - Nida Rashid
3rd Place - Marwah Sarfaraz

Qira'at Category 1:

1st Place - Zainab Iqbal
2nd Place - Rawan Hariz
3rd Place - Ayesha Ansari

Qira'at Category 2:

1st Place - Aesha Jama
2nd Place - Sanaz Naser
3rd Place - Maha Shahid

Qira'at Category 3:

1st Place - Aaishah Khan
2nd Place - Arfa Mustafa
3rd Place - Saaima Sedat
3rd Place - Mohazzama Muhtaj
3rd Place - Fatema Patel

Qira'at Category 4:

1st Place - Asma Rajap
2nd Place - Maryam Khan
3rd Place - Fatima Hira

Naazira Category 1:

1st Place - Sadiyah Saleh
2nd Place - Hiba Riazuddin
3rd Place - Mubeena Koya

Naazira Category 2:

1st Place - Faiza Khurshid
2nd Place - Sheza Jamil
3rd Place - Sebrin Sharif

Dr. Dar Award: Aaishah Khan