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Boys' Winners 2015

Congratulations to all the winners for this year’s competition!

To those participants who did not win, do not be discouraged! Continue to practise and work hard and insha-Allah you will have a better result next year! Remember, in the sight of Allah (SWT), everybody is a winner for taking part of this Competition!


Hifz Category 1: Juz 1-7
1st Place $450.00 Chhapra, Jafar
2nd Place $350.00 Bemat, Maaz
3rd Place $300.00 Anwar, Shaheer
Hifz Category 2: Juz 11-20
1st Place $650.00 Chhapra, Ahmad
2nd Place $450.00 Shams, Araad
3rd Place $350.00 Saeed, Syed Muneeb
Hifz Category 3: Entire Qur'aan
1st Place 2 Umrah Packages Rehman, Adeen
2nd Place $700.00 Bhaiyat, Mahmoodulhasan
3rd Place $500.00 Mazumder, Abdeul Haque
$500.00 Malik, Sohaib
Qira'at Category 1
1st Place $400.00 Iftikhar, Syed Jabir
2nd Place $300.00 Haris, Muhammad
3rd Place $250.00 Sayed, Umer Farhaan
Qira'at Category 2
1st Place $400.00 Meer, Zahaib Ejlal
2nd Place $300.00 Bhaiyat, Ibrahim
3rd Place $250.00 Basheer, Mohamed Usman
Qira'at Category 3
1st Place $400.00 Basheer, Mohamed Omar
$400.00 Syed, Raamiz Uddin
2nd Place $300.00 Hassan, Hamzah
3rd Place $250.00 Suhrawardy, Ameen Khaleel
$250.00 Aziz, Usman Ghani
Naazira Category 1
1st Place $400.00 Rahman, Rashdan
2nd Place $300.00 Gangat, Saad  Muhammad
3rd place $250.00 Mashood, Mohammed Aaqil
Naazira Category 2
1st Place $400.00 Ali, Zakariyya  Abdi
2nd Place $300.00 Jakda, Huzaifa
3rd place $250.00 Abba, Adel  Biya
Dr Dar Award Rehman, Adeen




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