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Shaykh Raafat Hussein

Sheikh Raafat Hussein was born in the city of Alexandria in Egypt. Alexandria is the second largest city after the Cairo the capital of Egypt. He graduated from the University of Alexandria, Department of Mechanical Engineering and worked as an engineer for Egyptian Copper Company in Alexandria. At young age he memorizes the Holy Quran and enrolled as a reader of the Quran Radio in Alexandria. In 2010 he joined Quran Radio in Cairo. He has gained fame in Egypt due to his beautiful voice and the length in reading. He traveled to many countries, including Pakistan - Iran - Syria - Lebanon South Africa - Ukraine - Morocco. This is the first time to come to Canada and North America. He is very pleased to be among the Muslim in this part of the world.


Khalid Mehmood

Khalid Mehmood was born in Pakistan and currently lives Dallas USA.  Khalid has been reading Nasheeds and reciting Quran recitation since childhood and has won many awards for best performance at numerous occasions. Allah Subhana Watala has blessed him with great mentors, both in Islamic literature and in Quran & Nasheed recitation. Shaheed Brother Junaid Jamshed (RA) was Khalid’s mentor and both performed together throughout USA and Canada as well as appeared on Pakistani TV Channels together at many occasions.


Qari Muhammad Siddique:

Qari Mohammed Siddique is recognized as one of the best Qurra in India. He studied Arabic language, Tafseer of the Holy Quran, Hadith and Islamic Jurisprudence at Falahe Darain Institute in India. Qari Siddique also studied the different Qira’at under Imam of Ilmo-Qira’at Qari Muhammed Anis. Upon completion, he was chosen by his teachers to teach at the Institute and completed his Hifz-ul Qur’an while teaching.

Qari Muhammad Siddique is currently the head of the Tajweed Department at Falahi Darain Institute as well as various other institutions.  He has written extensively on the subject of Tajweed and his books include:  Rahbar-e-Tajweed, Tawdeeh-ul Waqf, Sharh-e-Jami-ul Waqf, Fathur-Rahman and Sharh-e-Khulasat-ul Bayan.



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