Competition Rules and Guidelines

  • Participants can only take part and register for one category each. Changes in the category after November 17, 2022 will not be accepted. Please double-check all your forms before submitting them.
  • If you are currently memorizing the Qur’an or have already memorized Juz 7, 8, 9, and/or 10, you cannot participate in the Naazira (reading with looking) categories. If you violate this rule, you will be disqualified.
  • All participants who received first place in the Hifz categories OR either first or second place in any of the Qira’at categories in the previous year’s competition cannot participate in the same category in this year’s competition (applies to both boys and girls).
  • Those boys and girls who have memorized the entire Qur’an cannot participate in the Qira’at categories or Hifz Category 1 (Juz 1-5).
  • Non-refundable registration fee of $30.00 must be paid for the registration to be complete. If you do not participate in the Pre-Test, there will be no refund. After submission, fees will not be refunded.