We congratulate all participants who qualified for the Finals for the 12th Annual Hifz, Naazira, and Qira’atul Qur’an Competition!

Below is a list of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places for each of the girls' category.

Girls Hifz 1
1st PlaceAyesha Aleem Syed
2nd PlaceFatima Hira
3rd PlaceSaaima Sedat
Girls Hifz Category 2
1st PlaceAminah Raizdeen Mohammed
2nd PlaceHaleema Ahmed
3rd PlaceAnsharah Hasan
3rd PlaceNisa Rahman
3rd PlaceKhaula Asma
Girls Qira'at Category 1
1st PlaceMehreen Shariyar
2nd PlaceAfeerah Asma
2nd PlaceHumaira Ingar
3rd PlaceWafa Rahma
Girls Qira'at Category 2
1st PlaceMubeena Rashid Koya
1st PlaceAisha Shiraz
2nd PlaceSobia Ahmed
3rd PlaceShireen Khan
Girls Qira'at Category 3
1st PlaceHafsa Mohamed Hassan
2nd PlaceMoqaddasa Muhtaj
3rd PlaceMaliha Mariam Zafar
Girls Qira'at Category 4
1st PlaceFarkhunda Muhtaj
2nd PlaceMohazzama Muhtaj
3rd PlaceFathima Amra Basheer
Girls Naazira Category 1
1st PlaceSumayya Aleem Syed
2nd PlaceHaaniyah Lakhi
3rd PlaceHaiqah Azfar
Girls Naazira Category 2
1st PlaceAyeshah patel
2nd PlaceSiddika MA Bhaimia
3rd PlaceSheza Jameel
Dr. Daar AwardAminah Raizdeen Mohammed

Important Dates

Please the following dates on your calendar

Last Day to Register

November 6, 2017

Date of Pre-test

November 25, 2017

Girls' Competition

February 17, 2018

Boys Competition

February 23-24, 2018