Competition Rules and Guidelines

  • Participants can only register for one Hifz/Qira'at category.
  • Participants are allowed to participate in either Azan or Nasheed Categories even if they are already participating Hifz/Qira'at Categories (please register separately).
  • Changes to categories after Thursday May 2, 2024 will not be accepted. Please double-check all your forms before submitting.
  • All participants who received first place in the Hifz categories OR either first or second place in any of
    the Qira’at categories in previous year’s competition cannot participate in the same category in this
    year’s competition (applies to both boys and girls).
  • Those boys and girls who have memorized the entire Qur’an cannot participate in the Qira’at categories
    or Hifz Category 1(Juz 1-5).
  • New:  A non-refundable payment must be made towards Qiraat Competition expenses. Payment will not be refunded after registration even if the participant does not attend the Pre-Test.
     Category Registration Fee Fee
     All Hifz Categories $50
     All Qira’at Categories $40
     Azan/Nasheed Categories $30
     Adult Qira’at Category $0 (Free)
  • New: Participants taking part in the Nasheed/Azan Categories must be 18 or under in order to participate. Please note that the Azan Category is only for boys.
  • New: Participants taking part in the Adult Category must be 25 years or older in order to participate. Those who are Alim/Alimaa, Hafiz/Hafizaa, or Qari/Qaria are restricted from registering in this category. This category will be included in the competition only if enough participants register.