Helpful Tips to Prepare for the Competition

  • Competitors must bear in mind that they are not competing for any worldly benefit but only for the pleasure of Allah (SWT).
  • Participants must memorize all the surah required for the competition (with their names) thoroughly and with correct Tajweed.
  • Judges will be testing Hifz, Tajweed, proper Waqf (stop), and Lehja (tone).
  • Listening to Qur'aa and trying to imitate them is an effective way to beautify one’s recitation and tajweed.
  • The following websites can also be used: (,,
  • For additional help, it is always good to practice with a good reciter or Qari so you can correct your mistakes.
  • One must put in extra effort in correcting previous mistakes in order to not repeat them. While reciting, one must raise his /her voice and read confidently and clearly.

Please see the marking criteria presentation below - turn up your speakers for sound!